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over 100 built-in functions

Live TV
Media player
Various devices

Nowadays there are more methods to do it in a more reliable way. Kodi is here to help.

Kodi is a platform that allows collecting all entertaining material including TV shows, audio and video files, together with private photos in one safe place. The history of Kodi dates back to the year of 2002 when the application was launched by XBMC Foundation as Xbox Media Player. From the very beginning it looked like a portable media player. After 12 years the app became independent and turned into a streaming media software.
Before Kodi became independent streaming software, it was associated with a portable media player, like  Zune HD (it was mentioned above). Don’t know what Zune HD is? Ok, a few words about Zune HD:
Zune HD was a competitor to Apple’s iPOd Touch and was used as a portable media player. It was launched in 2009 and with more than 62 apps for Zune HD.
Being compatible with different operating systems(Linux, Windows, Android and others) Kodi app is absolutely free, which makes it popular among more than 10 million people as if every resident of such countries as Greece or the Czech Republic uses Kodi app.

Is Kodi legal?

On the one hand, everyone knows about unlimited functions of Kodi, but on the other, the Internet is full of information about illegal activity of the application. It is only partially true. Kodi software is an absolutely legal thing, otherwise it would be forbidden. But Kodi users tend to damage Kodi reputation. It happens in the following case – when a Kodi user watches a pirated version of a movie or any other copyright-protected product without official agreement.
Thus, Kodi app may be used as a tool in cheaters’ hands. In spite of this, Kodi remains a legal software. At the end of the spring, some multimedia players underwent the low, according to which they were subjected to the pirated content. Kodi wasn’t among the listed players.
That is why in order not to break the low on the Internet it is vital to study the best VPN rating and be extremely selective while choosing this or that entertaining product to watch, read or listen to.

Kodi facilities

Kodi app is unlimited in its facilities:
  • Unbounded content.
Music for any taste is collected in one place. A vast variety of genres, playlists and radio stations at user’s disposal. Besides, with Kodi you have an opportunity to be absorbed by numerous movies, series or TV shows of any genre.

  • Convenient photos sharing.
Now it is possible to share the moments of the most touching and important for you events with your nearest and dearest on a big screen. There is no need to hand a phone or tablet over to people in person. All you need is Kodi.

  • Add-ons.
The application provides its users with more than 900 official add-ons (Plex, SoundCloud, HDHomeRun, Unsplash photo Screensrver, Kaster and what not). Numerous Kodi add-ons make its use many times more convenient as you don’t need to install extra apps on your device. Besides, all addons are available to install vie the application itself. You shouldn’t look for Kodi addons or plugins on the Internet or Play Market. Everything you are to do is to run Kodi app and select Add-ons on the menu. There you will find any addons you need (for music, video, pictures and what not).

  • Skins.
Kodi offers a great variety of skins and themes to make it more attractive in users’ eyes. In general Kodi app looks great, but the number of skins available to install makes it more attractive.

  • Available on different operating systems.
It is a general practice, that apps are compatible with various OS. Kodi is not an exception. It is available on Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, OSX, Windows, iOS. What is more, you can be a productive Linux user. In such a way, it is available to install Kodi on laptops and PCs (with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems). As Kodi is compartable with Android and iOS, phones and tablets users can easily sign up Kodi on such devices.

  • Serious support.
Besides the fact that Kodi support system is available round-the-clock, support team is ready to answer all the questions and solve any kind of problems in more than 75 languages. You may get assistance anyway, whether you have installed Kodi on Linux, Windows or Android.

  • Live TV.
In contrast to the majority of media players Kodi has an additional function of Live TV with electronic program guide and numerous addons that make content watching more convenient.

  • Personal Video Recorder.
Among best Kodi facilities is Personal Video Recorder, which makes it possible to record any kind of Live TV media. Thus, having missed your favourite TV show or long-awaited movie, it is dead easy to watch it later.

  • Repository.
Kodi repository is a mixture of addons, which are grouped in the way one may install them all at once(for any kind of platforms: from Linux to Mac). The groups are made in the way that each of them contains a certain number of diverse addons for Kodi. Now it is unnecessary to choose addons one by one. Repository has already done it instead of you.

  • Kodi build.
This function is ready to help a Kodi user, in case one has already chosen the most suitable Repository or theme and now wants to install it in one click.

  • Wizard.
Kodi Wizard is a tool that combines Kodi addons, repositories and builds, managing a number of functions at a time.

  • Electronic Program Guide.
Electronic program guide for Kodi serves to improve the quality of Live TV. In other words, it deals with the addons installed for Kodi Live TV.

The number of Kodi functions can hardly be enlisted. You’d better install Kodi on your device(Linux, Windows, Android or Mac operated) and test all of them by yourself. There is no doubt that Kodi app will never be deleted from your gadget because of its high quality content, user-friendly support and a broad spectrum of functions given by Kodi addons. Is your Kodi not working? It's not a problem today!

What is Kodi?

In today’s world of modern technologies, it becomes convenient to store any kind of information in one place.

Some years ago it seemed to be very popular to store all your photos, audio and video files on your personal computer. Such data took up a lot of space, making a computer very slow. Now it is a usual practice to do it by means of cloud storage. But still, it is extremely unsafe as all your files may be lost or deleted one day. That is why cloud storage is not an ideal variant for your data.

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