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About us

With the help of linuxhaxor.net you will get acquainted with an award-winning free and open source –Kodi, where you can store all your digital data.

Here you can study the main functions of Kodi in details, useful addons, tips on how to use it. The web site is created in such a way that all necessary material is easy to find.

Linuxhaxor.net offers several sections: Home, About Us, FAQs, Addons, Blog and Contacts. Each of them contains useful information for Kodi users. Templatemonster.com supply its users with the information about Kodi facilities and answers the questions about a legal activity of Kodi, sparing its lovers the thought of conducting illegal things while Kodi usage.

In Home section users will find brief information about Kodi app. Looking through this part of website you will have an idea of what is Kodi without any difficulty.

In Templatemonster.com FAQ section a user can find the answers to all common questions one can face (such as installation, support, use and what not). The information is presented in a user-friendly manner that makes it easy to gain an understanding of the most difficult things (on the face of it) for an average user.

Addons section gives the idea of what addons are, describes the most featured and popular Kodi addons.

In Blog section Templatemonster.com calls attention to the useful articles, which contain information about anonymous use of Kodi, its compatibility with different devices and software.

Webpage creators made it easy to contact the support service 7 days a week from 8 a.m. till 2 a.m. All a user needs is to write name, e-mail, phone number and leave a message, which will be answered in the shortest possible time.

Be convinced that after studying this web page a person will get the access to the limitless world of entertaining material (TV shows, pictures, music, movies, radio, etc.) with Kodi that fits any taste.