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Kodi vs Plex: Find the Best Source of Entertainment for 2018

Being in the search of a perfect media center one may face tough choices. Numerous media players are on the market nowadays. In this regard it’s not an easy matter to opt for the one that would meet all the demands of a modern internet user. In this post we’ve made our best to collect the detailed information…
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Kodi Addons Repository: How to Download?

Having installed Kodi app on a portable device, one has a unique opportunity to create a library of media files and store them all in one place. But data storing is not the only function Kodi provides its clients with. The media player may be changed significantly: from catching-eye skins to additional features like streaming. Kodi app will be changed according to the extensions…
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The history of Kodi app

Do you remember your 1st SD player? For sure, you do. It was difficult to hide in a small bag with numerous SDs for it. As times go by, players became smaller and in the end turned into virtual media players with impressive libraries. Kodi app is one of such inventions. But let’s study the…
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Functions of Kodi

Being an extremely powerful tool in streaming media Kodi has over 100 built-in functions, which serve to make the application as user-friendly as it is possible. But here we will describe not technical characteristics of Kodi app, but its facilities. Thus, there are a huge variety of Kodi functions, among them are the following: File…
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