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How to use Kodi anonymously

There is no doubt that everyone wants to be secure both in real and cyber world. Nevertheless, getting access to a great variety of media by means of Kodi app, your privacy will be monitored. It is strongly recommended to undertake all necessary measures to protect your anonymity. Who is interested in you? At first…
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How to improve your Kodi library

Kodi impresses its consumers with unbounded facilities being is a specially created platform that functions both as a storage and a media player. Now you are given a great opportunity to create your own unique library with music, series, movies, TV shows, images and photos. It is possible to fill in it with the content…
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Unbounded facilities of Kodi on devices with Windows OS

The history of Windows dates back to the year of 1983 when Microsoft corporation launched it as a graphical interface. Now it is one of the most wide-spread operating systems, which works not only on computers, but smartphones, laptops and what not. Windows developers created 17 versions of this OS, improving it year by year.…
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Kodi for Smart TV

If you are lucky to have a smart TV, this article is for you. Kodi app with its limitless library can become a real cinema at your home. If you are not a cinema goer, you will appreciate unbounded facilities of Kodi on your Smart TV. You don’t need to pay for tickets at the…
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