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Tips on Kodi installation

To begin with, it should be noted that Kodi is compatible with Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows OS. In this connection Kodi app is available on numerous devices that run on these OS.

By the end of 2016 the number of Android users reached a record 88%. From this fact, one may conclude that Android operating system is not just popular but featured as well. In this connection, Kodi team does its best to improve the application for Android. Let us study how Kodi can be installed on a gadget with Android OS.

The main reasons to use Kodi:

- compatibility with numerous OS and devices;

- file sharing;

- user-friendly navigation;

- opportunity to store audio and media files in one place, which is really convenient;

- access to the content around the globe.

Besides, Kodi app has over 100 built-in function, making the process of Kosi use easy.

There are two ways to install Kodi on devices with Android operating system:

  • To install Kodi app on your gadget one should take into account the supported versions. If you are the owner of Android 4.2 and later you will not face any troubles while downloading Kodi app on your smartphone, tablet or any other Android device.

The first described method is not the easiest one, but still. It is possible to download Kodi app on the Internet. Let’s have a look at the following steps:

- visit Kodi web site and select input ‘Download’;

- find required OS – Android;

- download the installer;

- after you are to run the installer and follow several simple steps.

Now Kodi app is ready to keep your data.

  • It is more convenient to download Kodi app directly from Play Market. If you have chosen this way there are also some steps to follow:

- run Play Market on your device and download it there. You are to have about 90 Mb of available space in order the application could be downloaded;

- after downloading Kodi app will be installed automatically.

After the first running you will get the access to your future Kodi library. To add files in the library it is necessary to choose the category and add files. More instructions on how to add files to Kodi library are given in blog section.

It frequently happens that some Kodi addons are not available for users. The reason is some geographical restrictions, which may be consequence of censorship, license or something else. In this case a Virtual Private Network will be a great way-out. Having chosen a reliable VPN one will get access to any Kodi addons, which previously were banned. Furthermore, a VPN makes your internet activity private and secure.

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No one can interfere in your life in the cyber space, as your privacy will not be monitored anymore by third parties (adversaries, government or even the NSA). Thanks to encrypting of all your traffic, you will prevent the leak of your private information. Besides, websites with malicious software will be blocked, that is why it is impossible to download something bad on your device.Being among the most popular applications for Android devices (whether it is a smart TV, a tablet or a smartphone), Kodi will make it dead easy to find something for entertainment. Now you will find a captivating film to watch in the circle of your nearest and dearest.

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