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Kodi for Smart TV

If you are lucky to have a smart TV, this article is for you.

Kodi app with its limitless library can become a real cinema at your home. If you are not a cinema goer, you will appreciate unbounded facilities of Kodi on your Smart TV. You don’t need to pay for tickets at the cinema anymore, as your private cinema is always at your home.

Required operating system

Modern TV-sets with the function of smart TV work on the following operating systems: Tizen, Web, Firefox, Android, Roku and Smart Hub. Attentive readers have already noticed that not all mentioned OS are compatible with Kodi. One will not face any problems to download and run Kodi app in case his/her smart TV is running on Android. Luckily, most popular LG, XBNC and Samsung will be proper.

(Note: some Samsung Smart TVs run on Tizen OS)

Ways to install Kodi on smart TV

First of all, it should be mentioned that a smart TV (like any other device) should be connected to the Internet. There are two ways to install Kodi on your smart TV. Let’s study them in details.

  • In case if your smart TV has Play Store

First you are to open Play Store and enter ‘Kodi’ in the search string. When the system will find Kodi app, you are to select Install. In case you have decided to download Kodi by means of Play Store, the program will be installed automatically. After successful installation you are to open Kodi app on your smart TV and start using it without any logins or passwords, which is very convenient for all users.

  • If your smart TV doesn’t have Play Store

Some smart TVs don’t have Play Store but it doesn’t mean that their owners will not have access to the world of Kodi. In this case the process of installation will last a bit longer, but it doesn’t influence the quality of the appliance. Users will get the same access to Kodi addons and plugins.

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If one wants to use Kodi on a smart TV it is necessary to visit the official web site of the appliance https://kodi.tv and select input ‘Download’. It is better to use a personal computer or a laptop and to save the application on your USB flash drive.

The following step is to choose necessary operating system.

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