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Unbounded facilities of Kodi on devices with Windows OS

The history of Windows dates back to the year of 1983 when Microsoft corporation launched it as a graphical interface. Now it is one of the most wide-spread operating systems, which works not only on computers, but smartphones, laptops and what not. Windows developers created 17 versions of this OS, improving it year by year.

To install Kodi app on your personal computer or laptop one should take into account the supported versions: Window 7and Windows 10.

The process of Kodi installation will not take up much time and energy. In order to download and use Kodi app on a computer, laptop or any other device with Windows OS a user has to follow several simple steps.

Likewise any application Kodi has its official web site, which presents detailed information about Kodi addons, facilities and what not. Here one can also download the official version of Kodi app for any Windows device. It is strongly recommended to download on https://kodi.tv/, as versions on other web sites can be illegal or pirate copies, as a result it can become destructive for your device. It often happens that with such prate copies malicious malware is installed on a device, bringing its users a lot of troubles.

Having installed this pirate copy of Kodi app one can undertake total privacy monitoring. What is more such malware can hardly be deleted and as a result a user has to buy a new gadget.

To prevent such problems, it is recommended to use VPNs. Blocking of malicious web pages is among numerous advantages of a Virtual Private Network. With a reliable VPN you will never face web sites with malware. Furthermore, using a reliable VPN, a user’s privacy will not be monitored by third parties, which is vital in a modern cyber space.

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If you still don’t use a VPN, it is necessary to follow some simple steps to prevent such troubles:

  • Visit the official web site of Kodi and select the input “Download”.

  • Choose the necessary OS for your device (in this case Windows).


  • Choose “Installer (32-bit)” and the process of downloading will be launched. The program requires 78 Mb of available space on a device.


  • When the process of downloading is finished it is high time to start the installation of Kodi. With this purpose double-click on the file, which was downloaded earlier. It usually looks like this:


  • After it the process of installation will be started.


  • The program will propose you to read the License Agreement. Please, never ignore it. Spend a couple of minutes on reading License Agreement and ascertain all interesting or unclear for you issues and only after it click “I agree”.


  • The following step is to choose the components that should be installed on your device. It is advisable to choose all mentioned for a good wok of Kodi app. But it is also possible to download Kodi components optional. It is up to you.

  • The application will be installed automatically.

  • If you have followed all described steps, you Kodi library will become available.

Using Kodi app one will become the owner of a digital library with the content in one's own way. Numerous movies, songs, music videos, pictures and TV shows from every corner of the globe will be available round-the clock on one device. To get the access to such media it is necessary to install specially created addons for Kodi app. Apart from the access to the world streaming media, it will be a piece of cake for a user to store all files in one gadget.

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