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Functions of Kodi

Being an extremely powerful tool in streaming media Kodi has over 100 built-in functions, which serve to make the application as user-friendly as it is possible. But here we will describe not technical characteristics of Kodi app, but its facilities.

Thus, there are a huge variety of Kodi functions, among them are the following:

  • File sharing

This function is described first because it is described as one of the most convenient for Kodi users. Thanks to file sharing it is possible to add files to Kodi library from any networked PC. If one prefers this type of enriching library with files, the supported file sharing protocols should be taken into account: FTP, HTTP, NFS, Rss media source, Samba, SFTP, SMB, UPnP, WebDAV.

  • File storage

This useful Kodi function serves to keep all your necessary files including pictures, videos, songs in one place. Furthermore, it allows store the files from other file storage service (for example, Dropbox). All the files in one place is more convenient than look for DVDs, surf the Internet, search files on the hard drive of your personal computer.

  • TV channels

Nowadays, there is no need to pay local TV providers for a number of channels among which one can find useless and uninteresting ones. All your favourite TV channels are collected with the help of Kodi app now. Moreover, with the help of this application it is easy to get access to the restricted in your location programs. As a matter of fact we live in period of information warfare. In this connection to know the real picture of the world it is vital to get news from different sources. Kodi app gives us this opportunity.

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  • Media player

First created as Xbox Media Centre, modern version of Kodi app is used as a media player and entertainment hub for digital media. This application supports a great number of formats. The advantage of this media player lies in the fact that the format of the file (whether it is a song or an image) is not very important. Kodi media player works as a print device, which can print, xerox and scan the documents. The same is about Kodi app, which is a platform where one can watch videos, listen to music and look through photos.

  • Works on various devices

Good news for everyone, Kodi app is used on various hardware and software, giving its users a great opportunity to create and enjoy their own Kodi libraries. To achieve it, one should take into account the characteristics of the device. In fact, iOS users are lucky to evaluate the best run of Kodi on their devices such as iPhones and iPads. Android owners are a bit limited, because they need to have Android 4.2 and later versions to run Kodi on their devices. There are also some restrictions for Linux operating system. Linux users should have Intel Pentium 4 or later and 4GB of hard drive available. Windows users should have Windows Vista or newer version of operating system to run Kodi app successfully. As for Mac, it should be Mac OS 10.7 and later. Take it into account and you will not be restricted in Kodi app use.

  • Live TV

It is not so easy but possible for Kodi users to watch live TV. Possessing a built-in video recorder it is available to record live TV. Furthermore you can store the content to watch it later. Although Kodi app gives the access to the unlimited content around the globe, still it can ruin your reputation as an honest user. From time to time you can find a captivated movie or a series but it will be protected by copyright. To watch it without any negative consequences for you it is strongly recommended to use a Virtual Private Network (or simply VPN). It allows keeping your anonymity and privacy.

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  • Photo sharing

Apart from the facility to store all your photos in one place, what is surely convenient, you can share your photos on bigger screens with the help of Kodi app. It is many times more convenient if you want to study something in details. Besides, you can use the function of slideshow to present your photos.

  • Radio

What can be better, than hundreds of radio stations on one device. It is really convenient for radio lovers, especially for those who appreciate abroad radio station. For instance, Kiss FM with its impressive sets is not available in many countries of the world. As it is broadcasted only in Ukraine. In such a way Kodi addons allow overcoming this geographical restriction.

  • Exodus Kodi

Exodus is a specially created Kodi addon, which substituted earlier popular addon – Genesis. Exodus has a more user-friendly interface and navigation, allowing you to appreciate all the beauty of modern Kodi addons. With Exodus Kodi can be called best streaming service as it opens the world of great content. In spite of all advantages, Exodus gives Kodi users it should be taken into account that Exodus doesn’t identify illegal content. In this connection, users are to be very attentive while adding video or audio files to Kodi library. Nevertheless, according to osers’ opinion Exodus is still the best Kodi addon.

  • Attractive skins

Everything is changing in the modern world and our preferences are not exceptions. People are liable to change wallpapers on desktops of their computers according to their mood, the season of the year or the weather. When you install Kodi addon and run it for the first time you will note that it looks boring. With Kodi addons users can choose the skins and change the way Kodi application looks.

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Being a multifunctional media player Kodi app is among best applications that exist nowadays. A huge variety of addons and skins makes its use convenient to use. With Kodi app one will not be restricted in what to watch and listen to. But the most impressive is that one can become the owner of his/her own digital library located in one device.

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