There is no doubt that everyone wants to be secure both in real and cyber world. Nevertheless, getting access to a great variety of media by means of Kodi app, your privacy will be monitored. It is strongly recommended to use Kodi VPN to protect your anonymity.

Who is interested in you?

At first sight it seems to be unreal that you can be of interest of someone apart from your relatives. However, a great number of computer crackers, government and even the NSA may study your internet behavior. The reason for such interest in the majority of cases is money. Computer frauders can hack your computer or other device to identify the data of your credit card, for instance. Having fulfilled this task successfully they can steal your money. What is more terrible it is that adversaries can even buy illegal things with the help of your credit card. In this case you can be accused of crime.

Your Internet paths (the pages you visit) can be sold to advertisers. In this case you will be annoyed be a great number of pop-up windows.

In general nobody wants to be monitored by third parties. It can be compared with to the situation, when there is a hole in the wall of your flat and you don’t know whether you are eavesdropped or not.

Am I safe using Kodi?

If you are an extremely lucky guy, then you are. But the majority of Kodi users can undergo threat from the direction of numerous adversaries. Any of your devices whether it is a smartphone or a personal computer can be hacked by computer frauders. Using Kodi it is necessary to be attentive while downloading and installing a new addon as there is information that some of them are specially created to hack users’ gadgets. Consequently, it is urgent to keep an eye on the ball while downloading addons.

What is more, you can be accused of committing illegal things, as the TV channels you watch by means of Kodi are free for you because of this useful application (but in fact they are supposed to be paid).

How to reach anonymity on the Internet?

Having achieved a high level of anonymity one can stay secure on the Internet environment. There are several ways to reach it.

  • Use a free VPN for Kodi

Let us start with the definition of VPN. It is a Virtual Private Network that provides its consumers with the high level of anonymity and security by means of a safe encoding of all transferring data. It works in the following way: connected to a VPN, a user’s IP is masked from a local ISP. In its turn, the website sees the IP of a chosen VPN. In such a way, a user becomes anonymous enough. Apart from this, a user gets some more advantages. First and foremost, geo-restricted services will be at the disposal of Kodi users. For instance, to have the access to Kodi addon Sarpur Icelandic IP is required. With a VPN Kodi is less restricted in services, which makes it more attractive in users’ eyes. Second, your Internet activity will not be monitored by third parties anymore. It become vital nowadays,as it is possible to monitor people via apps. In such a way, women undergo snooping installing apps on their gadjets. Therefore, it is necessary to install Kodi VPN on a device amd use it securely. Both incoming and outgoing information, downloading and uploading files are encrypted by means of reliable cyphering methods. It is strongly recommended to give preference to paid versions of VPNs, as they are more reliable and secure. While choosing a good free vpn for Kodi you are to pay attention to their speed, absence of logs, compatibility with different devices such as Smart TVs, tablets, computers and others. Among the best solutions here are IPVanish and NordVPN.

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Some experts do not recommend using a free VPN whatever is a need. Such services are considered to keep connection and usage logs, what is unacceptable as the primary goal for a person, who is going to use any VPN, is to be anonymous on the Net and protect private data against prying eyes.  However, if a VPN “knows” your logs, it is “aware of” your IP address, sites you visit, and the very information you wanted to protect.

There are even some proves that free VPN services sell personal data of users to third-parties. They make it by placing advertising that sometimes can be malicious. Besides, a great number of free VPN providers are located in countries that raise questions about their reliability.  Speaking about the jurisdiction of VPN providers, every user should know that, firstly, this factor is extremely important and, secondly, countries with Internet censorship are the worst locations where a VPN can be based.

For example, let’s take such a country as China. It has very strict internet censorship. It is clear that VPNs that are owned by Chinese companies will be forced to share user’s data with the government. The same is for other not free countries.

So it is crucial to pay attention to a VPN jurisdiction and read their privacy policy. Here a person should find what exact logs a provider keeps. Of course, today almost all VPNs claim to be “Zero logs” providers. Taking all these into considerations it makes sense to try a proven VPN service that was used by numerous customers.

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Reading forums and experts’ opinions is a piece of perfect advice for those who are looking for a reliable VPN but cannot make a choice. As a rule, experts are familiar with numerous VPN providers, they are very often tech-savvy. It is a good idea to read a couple of VPN reviews to make up a decision about what service to use.

Of course, paid VPNs are much better. However, today almost all advanced VPNs offer their customers free trial options. Of course, not of them are convenient to use, but reliable.

Moreover, paid providers usually offer extra security features for an additional level of security. They can guarantee your anonymity while browsing the Internet. Safe torrenting and streaming is impossible without such trustworthy and well-known services.

A number of servers worldwide is another reason to opt for a paid VPN. The feature is one of the most important while choosing the best VPN for streaming. The more servers a VPN provides, the easier is to bypass restrictions and the higher download speed is. Unfortunately, free services offer a quite limited number of servers together with low speeds.

So the best Kodi VPN is hardly to be unpaid. Anyway, it is better to choose a paid service with 24/7 customer support, a money-back guarantee and robust protocols. The cutting-edge OpenVPN protocol together with such function as Kill Switch will safeguard your personal information and make feel you protected while browsing the Net.

  • Tor

One more powerful tool in achieving anonymity is Tor. Also known as The Onion Router, Tor serves to protect user’s anonymity by running your Internet connection through several servers, making it untrackable back to you. Among its advantages is the minimization of user’s footprint on the Internet. Besides, it is absolutely free. With its main function – providing anonymity – it copes really good, but unfortunately, Tor doesn’t protect its users against computer frauders attacks. In such a way, if you want to use Tor only with the purpose to get access to some restricted services or web pages, it is enough. But in this case your data can be stolen.

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To get the highest level of protection online it is strongly recommended to use both VPN and Tor.

  • Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers are used to improve privacy on the Internet by hiding user’s IP from local ISP. It reminds a bridge from a user to a web page, and a user’s IP is masked while running through this “bridge”. For sure, it will allow Kodi users to reach online anonymity and get access to the interesting for them services, but consumers can be identified easily as proxy servers keep logs.

Advantages of different ways of achieving anonymity for Kodi



Proxy Servers

real privacy

- hides user’s IP

monitoring is impossible

super speed

access to restricted streams and services



access to geo restricted services


access to geo-restricted websites

It goes without saying, that the best way-out to stay secure and keep anonymity on the Internet environment is to use a VPN for Kodi app. A VPN has the only minus – it isn’t free. But the advantages it gives its users are more essential than a couple of dollars in the pocket.

Should I keep anonymity to use Kodi app?

Being the platform that serves to store audio and visual files in one place, Kodi addons give the access to the content around the world. Nevertheless, Kodi facilities are no boundless and some services are not available for the residents of different countries. If one reaches anonymity online, it is possible to browse the sources, which were previously restricted for a user because of his or her geographical location. Additionally, being anonymous Kodi users can watch their favourite TV shows or movies in high quality. Even paid versions of some TV channels can become free for Kodi users.

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