Is it always safe to use Kodi?

The era of Cable TV is long gone. It can be explained by widespread popularity of the World Wide Web. Even older generations prefer to search movies online, rather than wait until a show begins on TV. Luckily, there is a wide choice of free services or software like Kodi nowadays.

What is Kodi?

It’s a perfect example of open source software with TV shows for all tastes. No wonder that it has become so popular today. People are installing Kodi on Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Windows and others.

What is the real story?

Kodi has some legal concerns. Internet users who take their security on the Internet seriously should know about these issues to protect themselves while watching films on Kodi. Let’s see what problems an ordinary Internet user may face while using Kodi software.

Is Kodi safe?

In general, Kodi is safe and legal. However, a lot of netizens prefer to use a VPN with this software. Before looking for a trustworthy VPN or reading a CyberGhost VPN review on the Internet, learn why you should use a VPN with Kodi from this article.

What’s the idea?

If you are a great Kodi lover, you should be aware of the following facts:

  1. Not all add-ons for Kodi are legal. In spite of the fact that such plugins provide customers with extra content such as live sports, extra movies and much more, in some countries it is unlawful to use them.

The truth is

Unfortunately, such third-party plugins contain a great amount of pirated content. Third-party add-ons stop working as soon as legal authorities notice them.

  1. While streaming Kodi in the USA or the UK, your ISP may send you warning notices. In general, the law on online streaming in the USA is unclear. What is known exactly is that distributing or selling copyrighted content may lead to imprisonment.

Let’s answer our main question. Is Kodi safe to use or not? The other question: Is Kodi legal? So, the answers are quite controversial. If we speak about Kodi applications, they are completely safe. You can download and install them on any platform. There are no problems with viruses or other malware. Moreover, you can download Kodi from Microsoft Store or Google Play.

However, in terms of copyright infringement, Kodi raises some questions. The situation is quite similar to the lawfulness of P2P connection. This technology itself, as well as Kodi, is legal, but not all content is lawful to watch and download for free.

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Top 5 reasons why you need a VPN for Kodi?

We do not encourage to take any steps of violating the copyright law. Kodi can be used for a lot of legal streaming activities. Bear in mind all possible consequences of breaking the law.

VPN has proven itself to be the most reliable measure for staying secure while watching movies on Kodi player. Let’s see how it can protect you on the Internet.

  1. A reliable VPN will protect you against warning letters of your ISP. A provider is able to hide your IP, making you unseen online. Your ISP will not be able to trace you and never know what you are doing online.
  2. Man-in-the-middle attacks are another reason to use a VPN with Kodi. These attacks can appear while Kodi is checking for new updates over unencrypted HTTP. Unfortunately, a VPN cannot completely prevent such attacks. There is always a chance that a hacker will intercept traffic between a VPN server and the Kodi add-ons repository. However, a reliable VPN will manage to weaken MITM.
  3. Copyright Trolls use dubious tactics and can trace you while using a special Kodi add-on for streaming torrent files. How? If you download torrent files without a VPN, you add your real IP address to the file’s torrent swarm.
  4. AVPN is widely used among Kodi lovers for protecting sensitive data. It is not a secret that the Internet is not so secure today as it used to be. A malicious attack can be provided at any time when you don’t even expect. Malefactors are able to hack your personal information while you watching your favourite Kodi movie online without knowing about a danger.
  5. There is an explanation on the official website that not all installed Kodi boxes are unsafe. The truth is that they are very often sold with not working add-ons. It’s illegal to sell such boxes in Europe because they can put at risk your security. However, a trustworthy VPN is able to protect your data and your device.
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How to use a VPN with Kodi

As we can see, it is crucial to use a VPN if you want to watch movies on Kodi. Luckily, there is a great choice of VPN providers nowadays. Most of them have applications with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can install a VPN on Windows, Mac or any other platform. If a VPN you’ve chosen doesn’t support an app for your device, you can configure it on your Wi-Fi router. Some users prefer not to download a VPN application, but set up a VPN manually. They consider that this method is more reliable and secure.

Speeds matter while watching Kodi free movies. To have faster speeds it’s better to choose a server which is located not far from your country. It would be great to use a VPN with a Kill Switch. This function will break your Internet connection if a VPN fails for some technical issues.


Let’s sum everything up. Kodi software is highly popular nowadays. You can easily download the best apps for Kodi, it’s completely legal and safe. Nevertheless, there are some facts that can put your data and devices at risk while using Kodi. In this regard, it’s better to install a trustworthy VPN. It will run well with all apps like Kodi either. Try to find a VPN with a no-logging policy and strong encryption.

Feel relaxed and protected while watching your favourite TV shows!

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