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Kodi Media Player: Milestones of the Beginning of 2018

Being a pretty developed application, Kodi goes with the times to be one of the most relevant entertaining apps for internet users. In this regard, Kodi developers work on Kodi improvement and enhancement regularly.

Kodi news of the beginning of 2018 is the evidence of this non-stop improvement.
Here’s a brief digest of Kodi events:

Python 2.7 ➡ Python 3

In view of the fact that Kodi programming environment Python 2.7 will stop functioning by the year of 2020, Python 3 has been introduced this January. The programming environment allows using latest Kodi addons and makes the work of Kodi app faster and more convenient. Besides, the introduction of this new system prevents possible restrictions concerned with the out of date version of Kodi programming environment.

Krypton ➡ Leia

The currently developed version of Kodi app is known under the name Leia. It was elaborated and launched in February. Due to the new features, Kodi media player’s work became more stable and handy. New code standards make the functioning of Kodi even better: clean libraries, convenient search, introduction of specific codes for various operating systems.

Kodi and Google Summer of Code 2018

Having been accepted as a project of ‘Google Summer of Code 2018’ Kodi provides young people with the possibility to become a part of this great project. It doesn’t matter how old a person is, or what education a man has got, if he is smart, creative and resourceful, he may feel free to introduce his ideas on Kodi forum or contact Kodi team. And who knows, maybe it is the moment when this person will become the part of this team.

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The year of 2018 has just begun, but the most recent innovations denote that Kodi media player is not going to back down. New apps appear regularly, but there’re no grounds to stop using time-honoured Kodi. And the events of January – March 2018 are the evidence per excellence!

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