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Why is my Kodi not working?

Can you imagine a world where all films, serials, and talk shows are free and available at any time and in any place?

Kodi gives the opportunity exactly of this kind.

Actually it is open source software or an app that operates as a media player. If we are talking about entertainment, Kodi provides users with practically infinite possibilities. No wonder it has become so popular. Though Kodi is absolutely legal, it`s now considered as controversial software.

The point is

Due to its flexibility, Kodi can`t really stop all unlawful activities related to illegal downloading. There are also numerous unofficial addons from dubious resources which allow access to copyright-protected content. Such addons can provide pirated material which is, as a rule, loved and enjoyed by the users.

While some countries are condescending to such illegal activities, others are very strict to the issue of copyright protection. If you reside, for example, in Canada, India, Pakistan or Australia, you can get unofficial addons for Kodi using third-party apps without any fear of legal issues or copyright laws. If we talk about the UK, the use of Kodi box can lead to definite jail time without bail.

Add-ons for Kodi

Add-ons can be produced either by Kodi developers or third-party companies. Due to Kodi is open source software, any interested person has the ability to create his own extensions. Official repository contains all Kodi addons. There is also a wide range of archives on numerous websites.

Of course, not all add-ons are illegal. There are numerous legitimate ones. With the help of such addons, the functionality of your Kodi can be essentially expended.

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The best addons for Kodi

Addon YouTube for Kodi

Everyone knows about YouTube. It is unequivocally a leader by the number of videos on the Internet. But do you know that you can watch YouTube videos not only on its official website but also on the Kodi player? To do this, you just need to install Kodi addon for YouTube. This is, by the way, the most popular plugin for Kodi.

Addon Dbmc (Dropbox) for Kodi

This extension allows you to view any content from your Dropbox account via Kodi. It's enough to install Dbmc addon for Kodi, to ensure access to all your photos, videos and audio from Dropbox. It is possible to download Dbmc from the official Kodi repository or from SuperRepo.

Addon Twitch for Kodi

It isn`t surprising that Twitch is very popular with gamers. If you like watching other people to play games, this plugin will be a good gift for you. Moreover, it gives a possibility to communicate in Twitch chat rooms.

Problems while installing addons

It is possible that some of them are out of date or no longer supported by their developers. This is the main reason why you may fail to install it. There is little you can do with it. Moreover, there are extra addons that are required for the initial ones to work. They are unofficial and put your device’s security at risk. For this reason, we’d advise you against installing them.

Why is my Kodi not working?

The main reasons are:

  1. Kodi keeps freezing or pausing

If you face such a problem, just consider when it has begun. If the issue has just started after a certain addon settings, try to update or customize Kodi build.

  1. Disable hardware acceleration

It is one of the main problems of Kodi crashes, particular on Android. Fortunately, there is a simple way out: you just can try to turn this option off. Then restart Kodi and see if everything is alright.

  1. Cache

When the cache of Kodi is filled up it can lead to certain errors. A choppy video is one of the main signs that cache is getting full. In spite of the fact that the cache empties itself from time to time, sometimes it needs to be cleared manually.

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If all these steps didn`t solve your problem, it can just mean that you need to reset your Kodi. There are two ways for doing this.

  • You just can do it manually.
  • Use Ares Wizard’s Fresh Start option.

How to update Kodi?

The latest version 17.6 was released recently with some rectifications. Got to hand it to Kodi developers, since they always monitor the errors carefully and constantly update the application.

Windows, MacOS and Mac OS X

If you haven`t installed Kodi on your Windows PC or MacOS yet, all you need to do is to visit the download page of Kodi website, select the Windows Setup program, and then just follow the instructions.


This is not surprising that a huge amount of people prefer to use Kodi on Android, as this is an extremely convenient way for listening to music or watching videos wherever you are. It is also possible to update the app manually through Google Play Store.

VPN for Kodi

No one can argue that safety on the Internet is quite an urgent issue nowadays. It seems our security and privacy are put at risk.

And the situation even keeps getting worse.

VPN allows you to defend the data from hackers and excessive attention of the government. Anyone can become a victim of attackers on the Net, but a reliable VPN service can guarantee the security of your personal data.

VPN gives a good opportunity for anonymity on the network, avoiding censorship and, what is more important, making an online activity safe. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of free VPN providers, paid ones are usually considered as more reliable.

Among a wide range of software which ensures safety online, there are also free proxy servers. Though VPNs are more secure because they encrypt your data and hide your IP

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There is a huge amount of VPN services in the market, but we recommend you to pay attention to ones with a robust encryption. Other features of trustworthy VPN area huge amount of servers, secure protocols and a clear privacy policy. We recommend you to use paid VPN as well.


Although Kodi is restricted in definite countries because of copyrighting protection, it is extremely useful software that can provide with entertaining and exciting content for free.

Nevertheless, you should keep your eyes open to some doubtful addons that can cause a certain risk to your system`s security. Besides, a great way to make your entertainment safer is to use VPN and Kodi together.

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