Kodi vs Plex: Find the Best Source of Entertainment for 2018

Being in the search of a perfect media center one may face tough choices. Numerous media players are on the market nowadays. In this regard it’s not an easy matter to opt for the one that would meet all the demands of a modern internet user.

In this post we’ve made our best to collect the detailed information on two media players to simplify the choice. We’re talking about Kodi and Plex.

Make yourselves comfortable and read this Kodi vs Plex comparison.

Make yourselves comfortable and read this Kodi vs Plex comparison.


Create library with Kodi and Plex

Modern digital devices give us a great opportunity to be the owner of gigabytes of personal photos, music and etc. What is more thanks to the apps like Kodi and Plex, it’s possible to keep all such data in one place. Besides, Plex allows sharing such data through the application. At the same time, Kodi with its outstanding extensions allows making this procedure even more entertaining and captivating.

How to stream with Kodi or Plex?

The media centers under comparison provide their consumers with a streaming facility. To watch video by means of Kodi app, it is required to install a necessary addon, which is easily found through Kodi repository. But in case one is a Plex client, streaming will be allowed only in case if a paid plan is chosen. Moreover, Plex streaming may be restricted in view of local censorship.

What operating systems are ok for Kodi or Plex?

Kodi media center may be installed on Linux, Android, iOS, OSX, Raspberry Pi, Windows and other gadgets. Plex doesn’t yield to Kodi in this respect due to compatibility with a vast variety of operating systems and platforms. Thus, a person will not face any trouble while installing both apps.

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What operating systems are ok for Kodi or Plex?          How much Kodi or Plex use cost?


How much Kodi or Plex use cost?

Both Kodi and Plex are great alternatives to modern television, as they allow streaming for no price. However, the access to some content is restricted for free plan users. That’s exactly why Kodi app is use by about 19 million users (January, 2018. In such a way, some Kodi addons are paid, whereas Plex offers paid and free plans for its users (1 month – $4.99, lifetime – $119.99). Numerous functions of Plex media player are limited for free package customers. Live TV streaming is among paid facilities.

Is it easy to use Kodi or Plex?

Kodi installation procedure doesn’t require much knowledge. Everything is dead easy. After the app is installed, there’s no need to register. Just start creating your own unique database of media. As for Plex, the sign up procedure is required.

We hope that this brief unbiased comparison of top media players will serve you well in making the right choice.

But, in order to evaluate all the advantages of both media centers it is recommended to use technologies like VPNs to make all the apps and features accessible.

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