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Enjoy movies with Kodi addons

We get acquainted with the world of movies from childhood. First, we are interested in cartoons, then we are crazy about comedies, becoming older we find documentaries most exciting. There are over 30 film genres and now it is unnecessary to visit the local cinema to enjoy a long-awaited movie. Moreover, there is no need for keeping piles of DVDs at home anymore. Up-to-date inventions will go to the assistance. Kodi app is one of such tools, which offers unlimited access to the world’s library of movies.

By means of Kodi app one can watch and keep all video of a device in one place. In addition to this useful function, it is possible to find and store movies from different sources:

  •  computer;
  • network attached storage system;
  •  hard drive of a device;
  •  CDs;
  •  the Internet.

Kodi addons were worked out to simplify the process of keeping and watching video files. Thus, to evaluate the broad spectrum of modern movies, genres and actors it is recommended to use most popular movie addons for Kodi.

  • The Movie Database.

Occupying the first place in music addons rating for Kodi, The Movie Database gives access to the impressive library of themoviedb.org. It is more convenient to find something to watch here than to spend hours surfing the Internet for hours.

  • Disney Video NL.

A huge collection of Disney products is available for Kodi app by means of addon Disney Video NL. Not only children, but also mature people will enjoy all the beauty of popular cartoons, fairytales and what not.

  • YouTube.

Created for YouTube plugin provides the access to the biggest video-sharing website. Now all videos from YouTube source are available on your device.

All in all, Kodi team is on the way to make the process of movie watching the most convenient for its users. And who knows, maybe in some 10 or 15 years, television will be replaces by such applications as Kodi.

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