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Get inspired with Kodi pictures

How lovely and inspiring modern images can be! Sometimes it is enough just to give a perfunctory glance at a picture and become absorbed by the thought of a new haircut, wallpapers or a skirt. The Internet abounds with colorful pictures: in social networks, on websites, in online shops. Specially developed Kodi addons target at making their storage more convenient.

Now it is possible to collect all necessary images in one place and go over again them in any time on a big screen. For example, you have found a really wonderful picture of a room and it is inconvenient to watch it on the screen of your smartphone. Coming home it is possible to watch it in details on your smart TV with the members of your family and decide whether it can be realized in your house or a flat.

Kodi developers created a huge variety of addons with the purpose to make the process of viewing, sharing and keeping pictures more user-friendly. Among most popular Kodi picture addons are the following:

  • Facebook Media.

Nowadays every human-being is addicted to the life in cyber space. The point is that we can hardly find someone who doesn’t have a profile in Facebook. Being in the list of the most popular social networks, Facebook connects people with their friends, relatives and even celebrities. Now the distance is unimportant if you want to send a message. Besides, here one can share photos and see what happens in the lives of other people. Specially created Kodi addon Facebook Media eliminates difficulties in browsing, viewing and keeping pictures and photos in the popular social network.

  • Super Favourites.

Super Favourites serves not only for convenience in picture use, the spectrum of this Kodi addon is diverse. It is created to give Kodi users the opportunity to group favourite items (whether it is user’s music, pictures, movies or even addons).

  • Dbmc.

Dmbc or Dropbox addon allows viewing files stored in your Dropbox account. It is very convenient for those who have already collected a great library of images in Dropbox.

  • flickr.

The product of XBMC helps to browse user’s or his/her contacts’ photostreams. Apart from this, not only photos can be browsed, but also galleries, tags and places.

  • Photo App.

This useful Kodi addon is good news for slideshow lovers. It is more convenient to show the photos from a leave with the help of a slideshow.

The number of Kodi addons for pictures increases day by day making their storage more reliable and convenient.

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