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How to add Exodus to Kodi?

As far as one is looking for the most reliable and handy way to stream video, Kodi comes to the mind. Kodi TVaddons are the most reputable on this point.


Firstly, a person doesn’t have to pay for them as a rule. Thus, Kodi addons save
people’s money.
Secondly, with Kodi TVaddons one may forget about the necessity to load files or
wait until the moment the video will be loaded for playing. Everything is available
online and performed at high speed.
Thirdly, such TVaddons provide with the links to a vast diversity of sites and
platforms, so that there’s no need to use search engines.

How to install Kodi Exodus addon?

After February 2017, when Exodus became one of top targets of DDoS attacks, it became rather questionable if Kodi Exodus addon can be installed. It’s the fact that Kodi website does not provide the link to this extension anymore. However the extension may be downloaded from several repositories. Cypher Media is one of them.

Exodus advantages over other Kodi TVaddons

Whether a person wants to play an old-school movie or watch a new blockbuster without visiting the cinema, Kodi Exodus is the tool that will assist in accomplishing it.

Exodus stands out of the crowd of similar services due to its manifold library. Movies, cartoons, TV shows, news are gathered in one place – Kodi Exodus. Thousands of different genres video is presented in several languages.

The developers of this extension made Exodus the most convenient addon ever created. It won’t take much time to decide what to stream, as the content is presented in a handy way. In other words, one sees the categories of video: most and least popular, genre, release date and what not.

The best part of Exodus extension is its inbuilt facility to present video of the best possible quality. It is feasible to accomplish it through special settings.

Exodus is not without weak sides yet

Although we have pointed out that Exodus provides its consumers with the content in different languages, such videos are usually in English with the subtitles in foreign languages. For some people it’s a plus (those, who study foreign languages), but for the others – definitely a minus (those who just want to stream).

Another drawback is concerned with the lack of facility to watch live TV. Only on
demand videos are available. Thus, it’ll be rather problematic to watch sports events, as it’s hardly realizable to find a person who is going to watch a record of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We all want to be a part of such events!

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