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Kodi addons 2018. Covenant: Does It Currently Work?

Streaming became widely spread around the globe since the moment when services like Kindle, TV Catchup, uTorrent, Kodi, Amazon and others appeared. Such sources replaced cable and satellite TV for many people in the countries worldwide.

Kodi is an outstanding platform offering diverse addons that extend the horizons of this application. New Kodi addons appear every day literally and their functionality is rather unlimited. In case one puts a good use of such addons, Kodi will manage to replace all entertaining material placed both on the internet and broadcasted on TV or radio. Carry out experiments on diverse addons and setup the program the way you like.

The word covenant stands for agreement, bargain or deal in the ordinary sense. Talking about Covenant addon a vast library of entertaining artworks occurs.

The Kodi extension has such name not accidentally. Installing Covenant on a Kodi gadget, you make a bargain with the app. And the conditions of such bargains are very profitable for you.

What is Covenant?

What is Covenant?

After Kodi Exodus addon stopped functioning on the majority of users’ devices, the developers launched a new Kodi addon that would manage to replace former- know and cherished Kodi extension.
Covenant addon serves its consumers to find and gather the links to the streaming websites worldwide. Thus, it doesn’t matter what is your mother tongue. You are to type in the sought combination of words and the necessary links will be shown.

How to install Covenant Kodi addon today?

It’s essential to point out that Covenant extension of Kodi app functions on the devices where Covenant was installed earlier. However if the case is that Kodi.tv site doesn’t provide the link to Covenant anymore. Neither it’s possible to find it in Kodi repository.

There’s a way-out!
It’s possible to avail oneself of kdil.co repository to…
… find and install Covenant Kodi extension through the app.

Here’re some simple steps:

  1. Open the ‘System’ input of Kodi app.
  2. Then choose ‘Source’ to type in http://kdil.co/repo/.
  3. Find a new repository via ‘Add-ons’ input and find Covenant.
  4. Further installation is accomplished automatically.

What are the distinctive features of Covenant Kodi addon?

As it was already written, Covenant is a new Exodus. That is why the developers made their best to correct all the faults of Exodus to make you completely satisfied with the service rendered by Kodi app.

Here’s what they’ve managed to improve:
– high quality HD streaming is available on portable gadgets now;
– Covenant is integrated into Trakt Kodi addon;
– the speed increased due to new tech solutions presented in a new Exodus;
– the interface of the program is comprehensible with 3 more available languages.

What are the best alternatives to Covenant?

Unfortunately, kdl.co repository may appear to be unavailable in some places due
to banns or restrictions. In case you don’t want to bypass them by dint of a VPN,
we are ready to propose you the best alternatives to Covenant Kodi addon:


You’ll miss none of sports events with one of the best Kodi addons 2018 for
sports. Although ESPN 3 was last updated in March 2014, the extension works



Over one hundred TV channels will be available with this fantastic alternative to Covenant. The genres are diverse: sports, music, news, movies.

Just download and enjoy them!

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