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Splendid world of music with Kodi

So many people, so many minds. The attitude towards music differs from person to person. For some music consists in the sounds of nature, for others in the sounds of guitar, piano or violin. In modern world it is difficult to imagine that one enters a café or a department store and hears nothing but people’s voices.

More and more people leave their houses with the headphones listening to favourite radio stations or the last album of a modern pop star. Nowadays a great number of facilities exist to listen to music: SD players, tape recorders, the Internet and what not. In spite of it the most convenient and popular media player is Kodi. It gains its popularity because of a vast variety of functions that it copes with.

Kodi allows collecting your favourite songs in one place. And you have round-the-clock access to it wherever you are. Numerous Kodi addons serve to extend the horizons in the sphere of music. Kodi addons make it possible not only to store your favourite songs, but get access to world-famous radio stations and podcasts as well.

Among featured music addons for Kodi are:

  • MixCloud.

This useful addon will be to radio lovers’ taste. MixCloud makes it possible to listen to radio shows, Dj sets and podcasts on demand. It means that in case one missed live broadcast, it is no need to get upset. Switch it on by means of a special Godi plugin – MixCloud.

  • 100FM Radius Digital.

If you don’t have a radio set, but look for different genres of music, this Kodi addon is definitely for you. With 100FM Radius Digital you open the world of music from different periods and various genres.

  • OneDrive.

Now you can play all your media from OneDRive. The format of the files is not restricted. User-friendly interface makes the use and search very convenient.

  • Radio.

plugin gives access to more than 7 thousand of radio podcasts in three languages: English, German and French. It is possible to choose stations by location, genre, language or topic. Addon Radio provides users with in 63 languages, 115 genres, 1010 cities and 59 topics. You may add definite stations to the list of your favorite ones. Such impressive library can’t be unnoticed by music lovers.

  • SoundCloud

Being most popular and featured music plugin for Kodi app, SoundCloud functions as an entertaining tool for uploading, recording, promoting and sharing of personally created sound. Now it is possible to become a music maker with Kodi app.

The number of Kodi addons for music is over 80, so any user will definitely find something that will be to his or her liking. A huge variety of radio stations, podcasts and sets are always within easy reach in one place.

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