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Kodi addons

Useful addons for Kodi

After downloading and installing Kodi app, one may face the problem of what to watch and listen to. More than one thousand specially created for Kosi addons will solve this problem successfully. Among their advantages is automatic update. Thus, once installing one doesn’t need to wait for a new version and update it manually.

There are 17 different categories of Kodi addons that target at improving the application use:

  • Context menus.

Addons of this section offer great facilities from displaying total or remaining time for a movie or a show to playing random episodes from TV shows or alike.

  • Game add-ons.

In this category addons for different types of game controllers are presented. If a user wants to play games via Kodi on various consoles, such addons will be useful.

  • Information providers.

Kodi addons of this section were created with the purpose to present information of streaming media. Apart from this, they give the access to movie, music, TV show and sound database.

  • Libraries.

A number of scripts, targeted at making Kodi interface user-friendly. Apart from the opportunity to choose the type of media (genre for movies, for instance), Video Language Script shows the audio of a video file next to it, making it possible to study languages or writing down the words for a school performance.

  • Look and feel.

Kodi addons of this section make it possible to use Kodi app in 74 languages, change skins, use various screensavers and GUI sounds on your device.

  • Lyrics.

The only addon CU LRC Lyrics is a powerful script for Kodi offering to search (un)synchronized lyrics.

  • Modules.

Kodi addons of this category provide skin functions for eminence and extra context menu.

  • Music add-ons.

A vast number of Kodi music addons provides its users with a great spectrum of radio stations and podcasts.

  • Picture add-ons.

These addons give the access to most charming photos, funny pictures, recipes, cooking tips, ideas and what not. Thereby, you can find a picture of a bedroom and realize it in your own house or flat.

  • Plugins.

Specially designed for Kodi app plugins can be installed with the purpose to watch both retro and modern TV channels, get quick access to the torrenting files, find out about weather, listen to favourite radio stations. It should be noted, that some of these plugins are created for particular countries. For example, 3B Meteo was worked out to forecast weather in Italy.

  • Program add-ons.

After installing Kodi program addons it becomes easier to browse the Internet, stream video and audio links and even browse websites with a remote control.

  • Scripts.

In this section one may find downloaders, organizers, editors, slideshow makers and other useful Kodi addons.

  • Services.

Various Kodi services are presented here. Kodi creators do their best to provide its consumers with the application that can replace a number of other apps. Thus, in this section a user can find an alarm clock, mail notifier, timer and what not.

  • Subtitles.

Addons of this section bridge the language divide, providing movies in foreign language with subtitles. Thus, Kodi app operates as a tutor, a sit is wide-spread to study foreign languages by means of movies.

  • Video add-ons.

Video addons are created to make watching, downloading and even distribution of video in a more convenient way.

  • Weather.

Kodi addons that forecast weather are collected here. You don’t need any extra aps to know what to put on, Kodi with its weatger addons will help.

  • Web interface.

In such a way, a Kodi user is offered with a plenty of addons and scripts able to make Kodi interface more attractive and user-friendly.

By means of modern web interface for Kodi, you don’t need to surf the Internet in search of latest movies or TV shows, web interface for Kodi will do it instead.

In general, Kodi addons target at users’ convenience while streaming media.

Here there are the most outstanding addons for Kodi, which will make the application use extremely useful:

  • Rooster Teeth

This addon gives Kodi users the access to the great library of series sited on roosterteeth.com. Now it is possible for Kodi consumers to watch award-winning series not only on TV but also in any place on any device.

  • Plex

Plex allows streaming media of any kind wherever you are, on any device. Being Kodi video addon, it offers a special server to keep all user’s media. The access to Plex media is available 24/7.

  • HDHomeRun

Kodi service, that helps to watch TV channels of high quality. A simple and very convenient interface makes it possible to watch online or record popular shows to enjoy them later.

  • Pluto.TV

For PlutoTV lovers this addon is a real treasure. Now it is unnecessary to pay for your cable TV to get access to hundreds of TV channels. A great number of blockbusters, news, sporting events and what not are available with Kodi.

  • PlayStation Vue

PS Vue offers a number of outstanding movies, long-awaited sporting events and live TV without extra payment for a subscription.

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud is among most entertaining Kodi addons, which allows its users to create their own sound, and then promote and share them with other music-lovers. If you are a beginner in the sphere music, why not to make the first step with the help of this Kodi addon.

  • The Movie Database

Free and open database on the basis of themoviedb.org is now at the disposal of Kodi users. Its powerful application programming interface makes it popular among millions of people. What can be more convenient than a special library with numerous audio and video files.

It goes without saying, that Kodi team does its best to improve Kodi application. What is more, Kodi team is always ready for giving ear to its consumers to improve the application. So if you are innovative and creative enough, it is high time to get in touch with Kodi team and become your ideas a reality. And who knows, maybe your addon will become most popular among Kodi users.


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